Country-style cuisine for a perfect stay in Patagonia


Discover the enchanted secrets of Northern Patagonia’s flavors. Taste the typical country-style cuisine prepared by Eva.

Tipiliuke´s cuisine secret

Eva was born in Patagonia where she married and raised her six children and four grandchildren. She started at a young age to work for the ranch owners. Eva worked at the lodge from its beginnings and for over 20 years has been at Tipiliuke´s kitchen. What she likes best is preparing main dishes and desserts like cakes, breads...

Eva by Isaías Miciu
Eva by Isaías Miciu

Guests love her simple yet refined country-style cuisine. Once a guest even said that if he could, he would take Eva back to the U.S. in his suitcase!

Empanda´s cooking class
Empanda´s cooking class
“ Where to begin? This entire trip has been wonderful! Your home is lovely. The staff so warm and friendly and the food delicious! Even though I did not fish I enjoyed every day and will return!
Thank you so much for everything! ”
“ Truly, we loved have stayed right here at Tipiliukelodge and been happy as anything in front of your fire, enjoying the kindest, most thoughful, hospitable staff in the world. The food was extraordinary, only surpassed by the people! We loved the hiking, horseback riding, hunting and MASSAGE! Thank you for going above and beyong for us every day! You are the best! ”
“ Our stay could not have been better. Wonderful people, lodge, endless activities and a strong desire to return year after year. Deryl (my wife) and I felt at home in a quite fantastic setting. Excellent cuisine – each meal was exceptional.
Thank you. We look forward to our next return!
“ You take hospitality to a new level. You all surpass our expectations with every visit. We feel at home but also pampered (...) Every detail was perfect, stag hunting, fishing, horseback riding, "dog training", cooking lesson with Eva... We look forward to our next adventure at Tipiliuke. ”

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