Authentic local cuisine for a perfect stay in Patagonia


Discover the secrets of Northern Patagonia’s delicious traditional dishes, prepared by the much-loved queen of Tipiliuke's kitchen: Eva.

Eva was born and raised in Patagonia, where she in turn married and raised her six children and four grandchildren. She started to work for the owners of the estancia at a young age, and began working at the lodge when it first opened over 20 years ago. She is happiest in her kitchen, hand making practically all of the food you will eat at the lodge, including our desserts, bread, cakes, meals and famed empanadas. 

Eva by Isaías Miciu
Eva by Isaías Miciu

Eva's simple yet delicious Argentinian cuisine is universally adored: guests have even been known to threaten to take Eva back to the U.S. in their luggage! We warn you now, you are not likely to leave Tipiliuke lighter than when you arrived...

Our lunch and dinner menus change daily depending on seasonal availability, while our breakfasts can be cooked to order for each guest. While being based in Argentina of course means top class meat features on our menu, including regular Argentine barbecues known as asados, we are happy to cater to any dietary requirements. 

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