48,000 acres of the most picturesque trails in Patagonia.


From the river valleys that made Patagonia famous many years ago, to the iconic Tipiliuke Mountain, to the snow capped Lanín glacier in the distance, to the scenic 100 year old pine forests, we have trail systems suited for every hiking ability. You just can’t imagine a more beautiful place for a hike. All our guides carry radios and hikers can be picked at anytime in one of our 4x4 vehicles if they desire.

Tipiliuke mountain and Chimehuín river by Eliseo Miciu (Lanín volcano in the back) | Patagonia
Tipiliuke mountain and Chimehuín river by Eliseo Miciu (Lanín volcano in the back) | Patagonia

In addition to the beautiful scenery, wildlife abounds on Tipiliuke. From large herds of red deer, to Andean condors, to Guanacos (Lama guanicoe), the wild patagonian version of the now domesticated llama, to the elusive puma, you are sure to experience the best of Patagonia’s wildlife. In addition to English speaking guides you may be accompanied by real Argentine gauchos or “cowboys”, some of whose families have been on the property for over 3 generations.

After a great day of hiking, clients return to the lodge for cocktails, a dinner consisting of refined authentic regional cuisine, all within the confines of one of Argentina’s finest lodges.

Pre Trip Information
“ It was a week of many firsts: fly fishing, birding and climbing. Tipiliuke, a hole new world was opened for us, what a wonderful place. Muchas gracias for your hospitality! ”
“ Truly, we loved have stayed right here at Tipiliukelodge and been happy as anything in front of your fire, enjoying the kindest, most thoughful, hospitable staff in the world. The food was extraordinary, only surpassed by the people! We loved the hiking, horseback riding, hunting and MASSAGE! Thank you for going above and beyong for us every day! You are the best! ”
“ This is a once in a lifetime place and we can´t wait to come back. A special thanks to everyone for making my 1/2 birthday so much fun. We fond every single moment and just want to say thanks for the memories. See you soon!!! ”
“ (...) This is a beautiful lodge and a warm hospitable staff. We loved riding the horses through incredible scenery. Have so much fun hiking up the Tipiliuke mountain with friends , Mónica and Rubén. Amazing views. Everything there, hosts, Eva, everyone was top notch & amazing! ”

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