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Unforgettable for experts and beginners alike, we've been riding the estancia for more than 100 years!


For over 100 years we have been known for having some of the best horses in Northern Patagonia. While our horses are now used for the enjoyment of our guests, for more than a century they have been the trusty steeds of the local gauchos in the day to day operations of the working cattle ranch in which Tipiliuke is nestled. We have horses suitable for riders of every age and experience level, from complete beginners to seasoned pros.  

By Isaías Miciu
By Isaías Miciu

From the snow capped Andes to its valleys and crystal clear waters, Patagonia is renowned the world over for its vast and beautiful landscapes. It is hard to imagine riding in a more spectacular setting. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Tipiliuke is home to much of the unique wildlife of Patagonia. From large herds of red deer to Andean condors, guanacos (the wild ancestors of the now domesticated llama) and the elusive puma, you are sure to experience the best of Patagonian wildlife on horseback at Tipiliuke. You will also often encounter the estancia´s gauchos, moving herds of cattle or horses. With almost 50,000 acres of the estancia to explore, the possibilities are endless: you will never ride the same route twice!

In addition to English speaking guides, you will be accompanied by Argentinian gauchos, some of whose families have been working on the property for over three generations. Rides are bespoke and tailored entirely around guests' preferences, both in terms of length and difficulty. All of our guides carry radios, meaning that riders can be picked up at any time in one of our 4x4 vehicles if they wish.

With more than 48,000 acres to explore, you will never ride in a more picturesque setting!

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