Wellness, Spa and Yoga

Relax and recharge in Patagonia

At the lodge, wellness is a central focus, and guests are invited to indulge in a variety of relaxing experiences.

The spa facilities offer a tranquil oasis where guests can escape the stresses of everyday life and embrace a world of serenity.

Tipiliuke boasts a beautiful wellness complex featuring both a wood fired sauna and a hot tub along with a yoga studio, located a mere stone's throw from the lodge itself within Tipiliuke's private grounds.

We are lucky to have highly trained professional masseuses, yoga instructors who live and practice in the neighbouring town of San Martin de los Andes, available to visit the lodge to treat guests to a relaxing massage and teach private or group yoga classes on request. Also, fully qualified physiotherapist and osteopath bespoke treatments, can be provide to guests at the lodge.

The yoga studio provides the perfect haven to unwind and relax with stunning views of our garden and stream, not to mention being ideally located beside our wood burning sauna and hot tub!

Hot Tub Bliss: The lodge's hot tub is a favorite spot among guests, especially after a day of outdoor adventures. Positioned to overlook the stunning vistas, the hot tub provides a sublime escape. As guests immerse themselves in the warm, bubbling water, they feel their tension melt away. The cool Patagonian air contrasts with the soothing heat of the tub, heightening the sensory experience.  

As with all activities at Tipiliuke, sessions are scheduled entirely around guests preferences: you design your stay!

After a relaxing massage, step into our wood fired sauna and emerge feeling totally renewed!

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