Wellness workshops

From the Unparalleled beauty of Tipiliuke´s patagonian sceneries, take wellness back home.


Tipiliuke´s guests can now enjoy specially designed wellness workshops that blend harmoniously with the other activities of the lodge.
Learn how to manage stress, to improve concentration or physical resilience and also take relaxation and yoga classes.
Your wellness vacation can be personally tailored to meet your desires.

Wellness Worshops

Stress Management

A workshop that helps people understand the physical and cognitive effects of stress, and provides tools to manage stress in daily life.

Your wellness experience might include:
– Guided exercises in Active Inward Listening
– Practical meditative technique that can be implemented into a busy lifestyle
– Breathing techniques that can be used to improve oxygen intake, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and improve cognitive awareness
– Mindfulness development to improve focus, concentration, performance and happiness.

Improving Physical Resilience

Learn about the immediate influence of physical resilience on over-all wellness, mental functioning, and longevity.

– Start with a basic guided movement program that can be incorporated into daily life to help keep your body aligned, relieve pain, and prepare you to achieve.
– Learn Active Lifestyle Rehabilitation through the most fundamental forms of movement, liking walking, stretching, and breathing.
– Learn the importance of Relaxation and recovery, and how to remove the culprits or inhibited sleep.

Please contact us in advance to discuss your personal wellness experience.

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