Press – March 20, 2024

Crafting an Exquisite Blend: Ines Berton's Special Creation for Tipiliuke Lodge

Ines Berton's special blend for Tipiliuke Lodge is more than just a tea; it is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and a deep connection to nature.

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Press – March 19, 2024

Puentes de Luz and Tipiliuke: A Firm Commitment to Charity and Building a Better World

At the heart of philanthropy and social aid, Puentes de Luz stands as a beacon of hope, extending its arms of solidarity to illuminate the lives of those who need it most.

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Press – Dicember 13, 2018

Prized Places by Shooting Sportsman

Patagonia Quail at Tipiliuke

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Press – September 05, 2018

Tipiliuke High Adventure Spread

High Adventure´s Tipiliuke spread

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Press – May 20, 2018

Mehmet and Lisa Oz in Tipiliuke May 2018

What a great way to finish our season with new friends Mehmet, Lisa and Oliver Oz. Such a pleasure having you stay with us!

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Press – May 12, 2017

Val Atkinson at Tipiliuke

Thanks for your very fine hospitality during Susan and my visit (along with Jorge and Nick).

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Press – November 29, 2016

Tipiliuke at Condé Nast issue - Dec. 2016

The professional photographer Matt Hranek shares his shoots and stories from an epic pilgrimage across mountains and lakes in Argentina.

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Press – September 30, 2016

The Best 10 Luxury Fishing Lodges | Gear Patrol, Sep. 2016

Tipiliuke lodge was selected as one of the Best 10 Luxury Fishing Lodges in the world by Gear Patrol(*) in September 2016.

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Press – September 16, 2016

Tipiliuke, a Great Escape in South America selected by Taschen

Tipiliuke lodge was selected once again by Taschen’s style and travel department according to criteria like stylistic harmony, location, service, and cost-performance ratio as one of the "Great Escapes in South America" - Patagonia .

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Press – August 24, 2016

The Best 10 Luxury Adventures Lodges | Gear Patrol, Aug. 2016

Tipiliuke lodge was selected as one of the Best 10 Luxury Adventures Lodges in the world by Gear Patrol(*) in August 2016.

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Press – August 08, 2016

Tipiliuke lodge in Outdoor Channel

Nick Hoffman, the award winning country music artist, visited Tipiliuke last March to film two episodes for his show: Nick´s Wild Ride that will be shown in the outdoor Channel during July & August 2016.

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Press – April 11, 2016

A Fishing Trip to Patagonia Will Change Your Life: Tipiliuke lodge

Amberjack Newsletter Apr. 2016, by Patrick McEvoy

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Press – January 14, 2016

Tipiliuke lodge (Patagonia) - Article at William Powell web by Ben Smith (pictures by Isaías Miciu)

...'Prior to working at William Powell myself was lucky enough to work at Tipiliuke lodge [...] Surrounded by 48,000 acres of rugged, glacial landscape, with just 9 rooms, the lodge offers an exclusive getaway which few destinations can compare too.

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Press – January 01, 2016

Gray´s Sporting Journal - Expeditions & Guide 2016

Tipiliuke was included in this prestigious Worldwide Directory of Angling & hunting Destinations.

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Press – November 17, 2015

New book: 'Searching for a Rise' by Adrian Latimer


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Press – June 19, 2015

Tipiliuke lodge at Quests with the eyes of a Hawk - Swarovski Optik

Dean Capuano, Director of Communications for SWAROVSKI OPTIK North America, long time guest and friend has sent us the brand new opening for the 2015 season of: Quests with the eyes of a Hawk.
Enjoy the clip and look up this summer in three new episodes.

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Press – May 14, 2015

Tipiliuke, one of the 5 Luxury Fly Fishing Lodges That Will Blow You Out of the Water, by Bekah Klarr (Wide Open Spaces)

First and only lady, up to now, in our Tipiliuke Grand Slam shield Bekah Klarr has honoured us spending her 25th birthday here at the lodge together with her mother, sister and aunt a couple of years ago. Some time later we found this great piece on the web. Thanks Bekah!!

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Press – February 26, 2015

San Martín de los Andes - Mountain Village Book

This book takes us into San Martín de los Andes, located 30 minutes drive from the lodge, In Northern Patagonia. Eliseo and Isaías Miciu- Tipiliuke´s photographers´- are members of a saga of three generations of artits. They capture in this pages the unsuspected atmosphere of this mountain village | Book available at Tipiliuke´s Gift Shop

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Press – May 22, 2014

Tipiliuke, one of the 100 Getaways selected by Taschen

Tipiliuke was the only property in Argentinean Patagonia selected by Taschen’s style and travel department according to criteria like stylistic harmony, location, service, and cost-performance ratio
"100 Getaways" is a compilation of 100 hotels, in countries from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam. The two volumes make it a breeze to choose where to relax next. The gamut runs from dream castles to hipster chic; from small Mediterranean pensiones to the desert glamour of a luxury resort. The full scope of contemporary travel.

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Press – March 06, 2014

Eddie Bauer hosted some of the worlds top travel writters at Tipiliuke lodge

In early march 2014 legendery outwear company Eddie Bauer hosted some of the worlds top travel writters from, The New York Times, Outside, GQ, Mens Journal, Esquire among others. Along with EB guides John Burrell and world record holder for Mt. Everest summits Melissa Arnot.

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Press – April 01, 2012

Sporting Classics - Award of Excellence

Tipiliuke lodge was honoured to receive the Sporting Classics Magazine Award of Excellence for the Top Fishing operation for 2011. ..."Recently, Tipiliuke earned widespread acclaim as a premier lodge destination for its world-class service"... (Sporting Classic magazine - April/March 2012.issue)

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Press – July 01, 2009

Felderhof Mag, July/August 09 Goddelijk Patagonië

In het zuiden van Atgentiniën ligt een estancia zonder weerga. De twee rivieren die het enorme landgoed Tipiliuke doorkruisen, zijn God's gift to fishermen.DE natuur is van en overweldigende schoonheid en verleidt tot wandelen, paardrijen, vliegvissen of gewoon lekker luieren. Moeilijk bereikbaar? Welnee.De luchthaven ligt op eigen terrein.

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