Tips – February 26, 2024

Join us for an afternoon of cookery, love and adventure

Gathered on the picturesque Patagonian ranch, we spent a delightful afternoon together with Choppy, Anna and Maru our hostess.

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Tips – February 07, 2022

Hiking at Tipiliuke

The perfect way to explore the estancia away from the river!

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Tips – January 11, 2022

Our horses

A trip to Tipiliuke would not be complete without meeting our horses!

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Tips – November 17, 2019

Types of flies

Written by Adrian Cataldi – Professional Fishing Guide in the area since 1991 – Full season exclusively guiding with Tipiliuke´s Team since 2001.

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Tips – October 18, 2019

Catch and Release

Written by Kevin Tiemersma – Professional Fishing Guide, host, manager and in his twentieth year leading the team at Tipiliuke Lodge.

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Tips – October 04, 2019

Fly Fishing Rod

Guide´s tips by Federico Obejero – Professional Fishing Guide in the area since 2004.

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Tips – September 20, 2019

Trout at Tipiliuke Lodge

Our Fly Fishing Lodge includes 9 miles of the well-known Chimehuín river

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Tips – July 23, 2019

Tipiliuke's Empanadas

There is something special about passing by Tipiliuke's kitchen.Some will be attracted to the scents and perfumes of homemade cooking and others will be fascinated by the stories of dedication and uniqueness guarded by those walls!

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