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A Fishing Trip to Patagonia Will Change Your Life: Tipiliuke lodge

Amberjack Newsletter Apr. 2016, by Patrick McEvoy

Last February Patrick McEvoy and his lovely wife visited Tipiliuke. Here there are some of his notes included in the story he wrote for Amberjack -an online resource for fishermen to find the best charter captains, guides and lodges all over the world-.

(...) "I spent 4 nights with my amazing wife, in one of the most special places on Earth; Tipiliuke lodge.(...) Kevin, the renaissance man who along with his amiable wife runs this fine lodge, greeted us with his laid back attitude and a traditional Argentine Hug.(...)Kevin and Mary Jo are the ultimate host couple, Kevin looking over the lodge by day, and Mary Jo taking the reins each evening.(...)When an effort is made to journey to such wild and remote location, you want to feel a strong connection to its land and people; helping people to experience that connection is an undeniable gift of these two possess".

"It is as if the fish gods took the best of all trout habitat, food and scenery and combined it into one place."
Fly fishing in Patagonia by Patrick McEvoy
Fly fishing in Patagonia by Patrick McEvoy

(...)"There is an abundance of renowned water to fish; almost ten miles of the Chimehuín River, the most famous in all of Patagonia, three miles of the Quilquihue River and another mile of spring creek water."

"You would need a veritable month to cover the myriad of waters Tipiliuke offers you."

(...) " These guides are the best in the business, and know what works and what is a waste of time.(...) You will be captivating by the gentil and easygoing ways of these Argentine people. (...) Tipiliuke is so unique among lodges in Patagonia, because it can make even the most apprehensive wife or girlfriend feel at home and provide any number of distractions."

(...) "As a released that fish I was emotional, the culmination of a trip i have dreamed about my whole life. (...) I traveled to Tipiliuke with high expectations for the fishing. I left feeling utterly satisfied (...). The lodge was world class, and both my wife and I agreed that a return was not an if, but a when."

"I could not help but recognize that while the fish were that drew me to Tipiliuke, it would be the people and rivers that ensured my return".

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