News – January 10, 2020

Bird Watching

Florencia Mancini was born in Neuquén, Argentina and brought up in the United States and Ecuador.

Her university studies took place at the National University of La Plata where she studied biology. Since graduation, she has been living in San Martin de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.

Flor is a professor at Comahue University where she teaches about plants and does research on domestication of native species. She has a Master degree in Agricultural production in Arid and Semiarid Environments. Birding has been part of her life. She has join and organized birding trips around Argentina and Chile.

She also works for ´Asociacion Conservacion Patagonica´, a local non-profit, environmental organization that invests time and effort in the research of wildlife and environmental education projects in our area.

Flor has been coming to Tipiliuke Lodge to provide Bird Watching tours to our guests for more than 10 years!

´Tipiliuke Lodge and its surroundings are a very special place for birding, you can find hotspots for aquatic birds and native vegetation that attracts endemic species.´

Among the main attractions you can spot the ringed Kingfisher, many colored Rusk-tyrant and rushbird.


In the open country we can encounter the Black-chested buzzard eagle, variable hawk and Aplanado falcon.

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