News – May 13, 2021

Dear Friends

Today while walking around the lodge and surrounded by all this beauty, different feelings touched my heart.

If we think of Tipiliuke Lodge, we really could compare it to a great recipe

We are sooo blessed to always count with all the ingredients we need to make the best recipe.

The first ingredient would be our surroundings; just looking at our landscape, mountains, our magic Chimehuin River, wild animals and birds we feel blessed.

The second ingredient and sooo important is our team. We are also so blessed to have the nicest human team we can ask for! Everybody puts their heart and soul into their work and this makes us so proud! Our team is what the yeast is to the bread!!!

But we miss you, the most important ingredient! All of you, our friends, old and new, who make this place complete. Without all of you coming to visit, there is no Tipiliuke Lodge to welcome you! You are the key ingredient in making our recipe amazing and complete!!!!

Luckily a few of our friends from Argentina could make it and helped us to keep our spirits high!

We hope you and your families have been keeping safe and healthy.

Let's all pray, decree or meditate on and for a better world where we can all move freely again and keep connecting our hearts together.

With love

Mary Jo & Kevin

Tipiliuke mountain
Tipiliuke mountain

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