News – September 27, 2021

Dear Friends

Today we are posting one more of the many posts of the campaign that we have started with a lot of lodges and travel agencies who are undergoing the same situation.

We have all come together so that our voice is heard louder.  And finally we have been heard, but we still want them to sign the official document...which should happen in the next few days .

This is the reason why you keep seeing these posts. Having said this and with great joy, we are delighted to know that we will all get together soon!!!! 

Feeling the sunshine after a storm that had lasted already 1 year and 8 months!

We are happy to share that according to Argentine health minister Carla Vizzoti, our country has now administered over 49 million doses of a Covid vaccine.

Cases and fatalities have fallen sharply in the past weeks and this makes us feel very positive about the reopening of the borders of our country!

We are anxious to see our friends and welcome new friends once again!

Make sure to stay tuned on our social media and website!

Please contact us at for any queries!  

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