News – March 06, 2021

Eclipse 2020

After so much expectation, we finally got to enjoy this magic and unique natural phenomenon at our home in Patagonia.

After a lot of uncertainty, and a last minute "bubble"opening of the borders, a few guests & friends managed to make it and come down to Argentina to watch the Eclipse 2020!

We were soo happy to be able to share such an event with friends! Unfortunately many had to cancel because for a long time, there were no guarantees of an entry into our country.

On December 14, 2020, a new solar eclipse was witnessed by all of us!!! We were right in its path! At Tipiliuke Lodge, we were lucky to be at the perfect location, one of the spots where you could witness total darkness. With guests, family, friends and a picnic, we spent an unforgettable day! The emotions and thrill one goes through are hard to explain..but these photos are pretty explicit!

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