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Flower Arrangements

We share today our step by step of how we try to bring nature into the lodge by making flower arrangements everyday no matter what season we are in.

Every room has a vase with freshly cut flowers and plants or branches from our luscious gardens. Bathrooms also have a small arrangement.

We love to decorate the lodge with as many flowers or green arrangements as we can! Never too many flowers and candles! This guide will hopefully bring back fond memories of your visit, same as when you see one of our recipes you will probably smell the scents and taste the flavours that you memories bring back.

Step 1: Organize your flower picking to be done early in the morning, before the sun is too strong. This will help to keep the freshness for a longer period of time.

Step 2: Select the flowers that aren't in full bloom yet.

Secret garden
Secret garden

Step 3: Make sure you cut long stems so that you can play with different heights while making the arrangement. Remember to smell the flowers before cutting them. Some plants are beautiful but have a very strong scent that will spoil the beauty of the arrangement and make you keep your nose away, an example of this is the Mountain Ash, also the Trillium. Try not to get near their blossoms..hahahaha.

Step 4: Keep all your cuttings in a bucket filled with water and in the shade. The core of your arrangements will be the greens, branches that will last longer, grasses look beautiful but rot very quickly in water, releasing a bad stink.

Step 5: Always clean the interior of the vase before changing flowers.

Step 6: Choose the right vase for the right spot. We love matching vase colours to the different rooms, but glass vases are very modern and look very cool. Cleaning the stems is very important!!!

Step 7: Enjoy the beauty! Take a photo and share! It is always nice to see beautiful creations made with flowers and plants!

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