– February 27, 2023

Good morning in paradise

A day at Tipiliuke Lodge starts with nature’s wake-up call: ibis and peacocks will ensure there is no need to set an alarm to start your day in paradise!

Around 8am breakfast will be good to go, comprised of a complete spread including a variety of cereals, local jams, homemade pastries and cake, yoghurt, ham and cheese and coffee and teas. From 8.30am onwards the kitchen is open for made to order cooked breakfast.

For those early birds who can’t wait for that first caffeine hit, our tea and coffee station is open to guests 24/7.

Once breakfast is done and dusted, the day’s activities typically start around 9.30am.

Your fishing guide or one of our hosts will be on hand to plan your day, whether you are feeling like fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, a spa day, shopping in town, a morning by the river or even a tango lesson.

We bring in the best from town to offer your massages, birdwatching, tango lessons and photography workshops, so please let us know a day in advance if you’re interested in any of these options.

We normally sit down for lunch around 2.30pm with all of our guests, fishing guides and our managers Kevin and Maria José, but as with every aspect of life at Tipiliuke this is flexible to our guests’ preferences: just let us know if you would prefer a private lunch or an early sitting.

Afternoon activities can be arranged over a cocktail in the bar before lunch, or while you are enjoying your tea or coffee after your meal.

Our managers and hosts will always be around to help you get the most from your stay.

Cocktail time kicks off around 7pm, where guests gather to share their tales from the day!

Argentinians love making the most of their days, so usually we have dinner at 9.30pm or even later. As with lunch, we can always plan 8.30pm dinners if you would prefer.

Finally, all guests are most welcome to join us by the fire for a spot of star watching after dinner!

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