News – August 21, 2020


We feel something special in our hearts when our guests tell us that it is the people who make Tipiliuke Lodge be what it is, and we certainly agree.

This uniqueness starts with our booking and marketing department followed by the gauchos, the chef, cleaning team, hostesses, guides, managers and owners.

Today we very sadly and with great pain say goodbye to a very special person, who worked with us for a very long time: Guillermina Labriola.

Guille was, is and will forever be a beautiful divine soul. She is definitely one of the persons responsible for Tipiliuke's growth and success.

Someone so special will never be forgotten!!!! We can only find comfort in knowing she is in a divine place now and helping and looking over us!

Our deepest condolences to Nicolas, Montse and Lucas. We really pray that you can find peace in such a sad and hard moment.

A huge and heartfelt hug!

We will always have Guillermina in our hearts!


¨ I watch my loved one’s weep with sorrow,

death's silent torment of no tomorrow.

I feel their hearts breaking, I sense their despair,

United in misery, the grief that they share.

How do I show that, I am not gone…?

but the essence of life´s everlasting song.

Why do they weep? Why do they cry?

I´m alive in the wind and I am soaring high.

I am sparkling light dancing on streams,

a moment of warmth in the fay of sunbeams.

The coolness of rain as it falls on your face,

the whisper of leaves as wind rushes with haste.¨

Eternal song, a requiem by Avian of Celieria.

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