Tips – February 07, 2022

Hiking at Tipiliuke

The perfect way to explore the estancia away from the river!

Away from the river, exploring the estancia on foot is an experience not to be missed.

The possibilities are endless: with 50,000 acres to explore, we can devise hiking routes for everyone, from those looking for a gentle stroll around the estancia’s chapel, family cemetery and historical outbuildings, to scaling Tipiliuke mountain.

As with all activities at Tipiliuke, hikes are entirely tailored around guests’ preferences as to duration, difficulty and terrain. Hikes can be one way (with drop off or pick up available at any point by truck), or circular, starting and ending at the lodge.

For the particularly active and adventurous, set yourself the challenge of tackling all three of the estancia’s peaks during your stay: Tipiliuke, Morro and Mirador. All provide stunning but distinct views of the estancia, and a challenging morning or afternoon on foot!

All hikes are led by English speaking guides who will carry refreshments, while picnics or snack stops can be arranged along your route for longer hikes.

Don’t miss this unforgettable opportunity to experience the beauty of the estancia away from the river!

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