Tips – February 26, 2024

Join us for an afternoon of cookery, love and adventure

Gathered on the picturesque Patagonian ranch, we spent a delightful afternoon together with Choppy, Anna and Maru our hostess.

As the sun dips lower in the sky, casting a warm glow over the landscape, the ladies convene for a leisurely afternoon of cooking amidst the rustic charm of the ranch kitchen, discovering the surroundings of the lodge and hugging milennary trees!

Exploring the lush landscapes and admiring the towering hagin trees. As we walk, we soak in the tranquility of the wilderness and enjoy each other's company.

Join us for a little walk around the property to learn more about the story of the land that surrounds us: a unique snapshot of Argentine history.

Surrounded by the natural splendor of Patagonia, we cherish the simple pleasures of good food, great company, and the stunning scenery that surrounds us.

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