News – February 09, 2020

Lake Trip

Try floating or fishing in one of our beautiful lakes in the Lanin National Park!

While staying at Tipiliuke Lodge you can enjoy a new adventure on one of our amazing lakes inside the Lanin National Park.

After riding with your guide for approximately 30 minutes you will be met by your captain. The views and scenery are breathtaking and you will get to see a different type of landscape from what you see at the lodge and its surroundings.

Spending a day floating and resting or fishing on one of our crystal clear lakes is magical.

For the fisherman, here are some extra details

Our Boats are equipped by an electric Minn Kota Trolling motor. Considered the fastest, quietest, deepest-reaching shallow water anchors. That helps a lot to be ”on the fish”. We use and recommend 9 feet rods for # 6 line, mostly with floating lines, exceptionally sinking tip. The Lake offers not only trophy rainbows, but also brown trout and brook trout.

A fresh cold lunch and short rest in the hammocks beneath the shades of huge trees is part of the plan.

Fishing day is over around 6 PM. 

The captain

Mijail Mamontoff
Mijail Mamontoff

´My name is Mijail Mamontoff (39), I was born and raised in San Martin de los Andes.

Since early days, realized that being outdoors is the place to be in Patagonia. Always loved fly fishing and specially being on board a boat, were you can cover large amounts of water in one day.

That's why I decided to purchase a 19 foot fishing boat a couple of years ago. Became Capitan, with the idea to show foreigner tourists, the types of lakes we have in the southern hemisphere.

Fishing is lots of fun, but you know what, so is floating. Even when fish ignore you, there are far worse ways to spend a day than floating a scenic patagonian lake.

Hope you decide to try this unique experience and join us!´

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