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Tipiliuke Lodge is part of an emblematic Patagonian estancia.

In 1909 the grandfather of the current owners, Jacques de Larminat, travelled to Patagonia all the way from Paris, France. At that time Argentina was seen as the land of opportunity for those who were searching for new horizons and a new life far away from Europe.

He first came alone and set about buying some of the local land, before writing to two of his brothers to invite them to come and join him to work the land.

When the First World War broke out, all three of them returned to France to fight for their country. Being strongly religious, before departing they erected three large crosses on the peak of the Tipiliuke mountain, the magnificent focal point of the estancia. Sadly, only Jacques came back alive, but the remains of the crosses are still to be found at the top of this mountain.

On returning from the war Jacques got married and had six girls and two boys, who he named after these two brothers: Andre and Bernard.

Jacques lived out the rest of his days at the estancia and raised his family here too. It’s thanks to him that we are nestled in such a verdant paradise: all the trees around the lodge were planted by Jacques, except for the native monkey puzzle (“araucaria”) trees.

Today the ranch remains in the family and is owned by two of Jacques’ grandsons, Miguel and Pedro.

Our managers Kevin Tiemersma and Maria José Gahan have operated the lodge for more than 25 years, with the help of US partner John Burrell.

Join us for a little walk around the property to learn more about the story of the land that surrounds us: a unique snapshot of Argentine history.

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