News – February 25, 2016

Marie O´Neill

Marie O´Neill (Tipiliuke´s staff): Second place at the Barrel Racing !!

They say that no one remembers who took second place but, Marie O´Neill, in charge of the horseback riding at Tipiliuke lodge, will remember it forever. Irish name, born in Paris and raised in Spain, Marie lived in Canada for seven years, studying and working as a content marketing advisor before arriving at Tipiliuke, looking for adventure and freedom. Back to her first love: Horses, she won the second place at carrera de los tambores (barrel racing) in Fiesta del Puestero in Junín de los Andes on February 11th 2016.

In her own words: 'It was such a great opportunity for me to participate in this gaucho (cowboy) traditional event and get to know the gaucho culture directly from the inside! I'll be back on track very soon with this amazing horse!'
Congratulations Marie, we are very proud of you!! Looking forward to seeing you in the next race!

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