News – Dicember 04, 2019

Masseuses at Tipiliuke Lodge

We are lucky to have highly trained professional masseuses instructors who live and have their Practice in the neighbouring town of San Martin de los Andes and who are called on request to come to the lodge.

After an adventurous day at the lodge, you can have a relaxing massage, then step into our wood fed sauna or enjoy our hot tab and come out feeling totally renewed!

Meet them

Irene Musso

Irene was born and raised in San Martin de Los Andes. She studied Healing and Wellbeing techniques in Buenos Aires. In addition she got her degrees in Reflexology, Californian Massage, Deep Tissue massage and Sacracraneal Therapy. Today she keeps in constant training her techniques, in order to acquire new knowledge for the relaxation of Tipiliuke Lodge guests

Anita Ferreira

Anita was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in San Martin de Los Andes since she was 8 years old.
She started studying reflexology , followed by full body massage and today she continues improving her knowledge in this area. Her expertise has been very useful while travelling the world and working at the same time.

´´ The environment and atmosphere at Tipiliuke Lodge, make it wonderful, magic and enjoyable to work. I love to go from the town of San Martin to the lodge once in a while to do a massage.´´

Sol Bratch

Sol was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in San Martin de Los Andes since she was 3 years old.

Her first massage course she did was at the age of 21 in Argentina and then she travelled to Andorra where she acquired more experience.Today she is been practising different techniques, currently performing a mixture of them according to the need of the client. In her practice, you will experience physical and energetic work done on you simultaneously.

``I think it's an excellent tool for well-being.´´

``Tipiliuke is the best place for a massage. Both for its beautiful massage room and its surroundings.´´

All our masseuses are the perfect match to the standards and effort that Tipiliuke puts into the wellbeing that the guests will experience.

Massages can be booked in advance with our booking agent or at the lodge once you arrive and preferably with a day notice.

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