Press – November 17, 2015

New book: 'Searching for a Rise' by Adrian Latimer


In this new fly fishing book, the author travels with his pen and fly rod, starting in Argentina, then Europe, and ending in the United States. He describes the captures not only of a few trout, but the grandeur of the Andes , a massive volcano looming over a spring creek; the tranquil beauty of a summer day on an English chalkstream, all yellow flags, buttercups and limpid water; the rushing excitement of a Pyrenean mountain stream, and the mellow fruitfulness of an American fall.

'[This book] sees the author on a journey to some of the most iconic destinations on the planet in search of trout with a fly rod, but this time he’s not alone. His companions are some of the best known and greatest anglers and writers the sport has known '. . . (Orri Vigfusson, Chairman NASF )

Adrian donates all his royalties to NASF (North Atlantic Salmon Fund) and the WTT (Wild Trout Trus).

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