Tips – January 11, 2022

Our horses

A trip to Tipiliuke would not be complete without meeting our horses!

Horses are the lifeblood of Patagonian estancias: as the gauchos say, a man without a horse is a man without legs. Gauchos have always relied on their horses to work the cattle, often working from dawn to dusk. Tipiliuke is home to approximately 60 working horses, of which around 10 are available to guests from the lodge for exploring the estancia.

Most of the horses on the estancia are crosses between Percheron heavy horses and thoroughbreds or quarter horses, which makes them both strong and nimble enough to withstand long days under saddle herding the estancia's livestock.

Guests frequently comment on the incredibly steady temperaments of our horses. Living out on the estancia all year round, they are totally unfazed by any terrain or weather conditions Patagonia can throw at them! They make fantastic mounts for both the beginner (whether adult or child) or experienced rider looking to cover challenging terrain for a full day.

Guests are provided with very comfortable, sheepskin padded western and, with near unlimited routes to ride over the estancia's 50,000 acres, rides are crafted entirely around guests' preferences.

Whether you are an experienced rider looking for a Patagonian adventure on horseback, or a beginner taking an afternoon off from fishing, you are guaranteed to have one of the most memorable rides of your life at Tipiliuke: the herd awaits!

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