News – January 24, 2022

River Deck

For those looking for a different way to enjoy the river, we have the perfect solution: our river deck!

In 2019, we added our river deck to the facilities at Tipiliuke Lodge. A firm favourite, the river deck is the perfect spot to while away an afternoon by the river, or to stop off for a refreshing dip after a hike or bike ride.

A short 20 minute walk from the lodge, and also accessible in 10 minutes by bike or in just 5 minutes in the truck, the deck provides direct access to the water via our pontoon. The channel flows slowly at the sides, allowing bathers to paddle in the shallows, but gets stronger in the centre: a natural water treadmill, for those looking to burn off a little of Eva´s famed lunches!

Although the deck itself is bathed in sun to allow guests to top up their tans, the willow trees beside the river provide plenty of shade for those looking for a break from the heat.

As always at Tipiliuke, refreshments are also on hand: no trip to the river deck would be complete without your personal supply of cold drinks, wine and snacks. Picnic lunches can also be arranged.

The perfect place to kick back and watch the world go by!

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