Press – August 24, 2016

The Best 10 Luxury Adventures Lodges | Gear Patrol, Aug. 2016

Tipiliuke lodge was selected as one of the Best 10 Luxury Adventures Lodges in the world by Gear Patrol(*) in August 2016.

AJ Powell wrote: ..."While the idea of planning a luxury outdoor adventure is compelling, the fact is, it takes a ton of work. You need to research what location you want to go to, find an Airbnb or hotel, book a guide, make sure you have all of your gear, and hope that everything goes according to plan. Or do you?

If you’re looking to skip the stress of planning an adventure vacation, consider an adventure lodge. Across the globe, adventure lodges offer in-house guides and packages tailored specifically to your needs, all in the lap of luxury. Looking to go heli-skiing in British Columbia? No problem. Fly fishing in Argentina? These lodges have you covered."...

(*)Gear Patrol is an award-winning digital, social and print publication that reaches nearly two million young people per month, affluent men seeking inspiration for a life well lived. Founded in 2007 and independently published in New York, its team of editors, writers, and photographers produce a daily magazine of immersive stories, product-forward editorial, and reports from far flung places. They share them in the spirit of adventure.

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