Press – November 29, 2016

Tipiliuke at Condé Nast issue - Dec. 2016

The professional photographer Matt Hranek shares his shoots and stories from an epic pilgrimage across mountains and lakes in Argentina.

The Condé Nast article: "Free Range Growing" includes Tipiliuke lodge as one of the exclusive spots this lifelong sportsman selected for his hunting and fishing trip in Argentina.

(...) "I´ve been lucky enough to travel exclusively to hunt and fish" (...) "as a professional photographer living in New York city and circling the globe on assigment" (...) But it wasn´t until I went to Argentina -starting in (...) Patagonia- that I found the perfect union of all my loves: nature, wine, and an effortlesly sophisticated approach to food and decor. (...) My wife Yolanda, and our daughter, Clara, joined me on this trip." (...)

"Tipiliuke is 50.000 acres of pure hunting and fishing magic -it´s home to hundreds of wild boar and European stag and miles of river packed with wily trout."

(...) "Outside of a handful of exclusive lodges in Europe and the United States, refinements like lavender-scented sheets in the guest rooms, someone offering to stoke a wood-fired sauna for you, a handwritten note that cocktails will be at 9 P.M., after the evening hunt, and a kitchen that turns the stag or wild boar you shot into the night´s asado and serves it with an exceptionally good malbec just don´t cross over into the hunting experience. (...) There´s also an easy homegrown sense of hospitality that is a lifestyle vernacular all its own.(...)"

"Kevin and María José Tiemersma, have been running the property for more than 20 years. (...) There´re hosts in the truest sense -gracious and warm, as if welcoming friends, while vigilant about the little things (ironed-sheets, a fresch cocktail before you realize you´ve finished the first)."

"More than any other country I´ve visited, Argentina is designed for the gentelman sportsman."

"It´s nearly impossible to get your head around the vastness of the land and the sky when you´re standing thigh-deep in the clear aters of the Chimehuín River, casting for brown and rainbow trout that have grown improbably fat thanks to the river´s catch-and-release policy."(...) There are few man-made structures to help you gasp the scale of the place; your only clue may be the silhouette of a gaucho herding against the backrop of a Jurassic landscape."(...)

"I spent the next few days trout fishing and Yolanda and Clara went daily horseback rides and hikes. I did get a stag, but the real trophy was a pig of a brown trout nearly 30 inches long." (...) For more info:

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