Press – January 14, 2016

Tipiliuke lodge (Patagonia) - Article at William Powell web by Ben Smith (pictures by Isaías Miciu)

...'Prior to working at William Powell myself was lucky enough to work at Tipiliuke lodge [...] Surrounded by 48,000 acres of rugged, glacial landscape, with just 9 rooms, the lodge offers an exclusive getaway which few destinations can compare too.

As the fishing drops away between March and May and the Red Deer rut begins, the lodge plays host to small stalking parties, mostly flying in from America. [...] For an intrepid sportsman, Tipiliuke has it all. It even has the capability to keep disinterested wives, girlfriends and family members entertained, with horse riding, hiking, massage parlour, local shopping and a very large wine cellar. '... Click here for reading the article

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