Press – May 14, 2015

Tipiliuke, one of the 5 Luxury Fly Fishing Lodges That Will Blow You Out of the Water, by Bekah Klarr (Wide Open Spaces)

First and only lady, up to now, in our Tipiliuke Grand Slam shield Bekah Klarr has honoured us spending her 25th birthday here at the lodge together with her mother, sister and aunt a couple of years ago. Some time later we found this great piece on the web. Thanks Bekah!!

'(...) Tipiliuke is considered by many to be one of the top fishing destinations in the world and received Sporting Classics Award of Excellence as the world’s top fishing lodge in 2011. The best of the best guides migrate to Tipiliuke during the high season of November to May. (...) The luxurious and unbelievably comfortable accommodations, plus exceptional attention to detail and service, will make you look forward to every return “home” off the river. (...) It doesn’t get any better!' Click here for reading the article

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