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Tipiliuke's Empanadas

There is something special about passing by Tipiliuke's kitchen.Some will be attracted to the scents and perfumes of homemade cooking and others will be fascinated by the stories of dedication and uniqueness guarded by those walls!

Cooking lessons are something very treasured by many...What a delight it is to know that some guests went back home and cooked empanadas for family and friends!

For those who missed the lessons😜we will still share Evas's recipe for our Argentine Empanadas so that you can add some flavour to your day!!!!


For pastry:

Butter 200 grams
Warm water 1/2 cup
A pinch of salt
Flour 0000 1 kilogram
In a bowl, place the flour and a pinch of salt. Then we melt the butter. Add the melted
butter and warm water until the pastry is smooth. We roll for a few minutes and let it rest
for 10 minutes with a wet dishtowel on top. Finally we make small balls and stretch with
the help of a rolling pin.

For filling:

Olive oil 1 cup
Beaf ground meat 1 kilogram
Onions 5
Garlic clove 1
Cumin 1 table spoon
Paprika 1 table spoon
Raisins 1 cup
A pinch of salt
Cut the onions in brunoise, cook them in one cup of olive oil for 10 minutes, add garlic, the
beaf , cumin, paprika, a pinch of salt and finally the raisins.
Once the mix is cold, fill in the pastry and do the “REPULGUE"

Tipiliuke's Empanadas
Tipiliuke's Empanadas
Tipiliuke's Empanadas
Tipiliuke's Empanadas

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