News – October 12, 2019

Wine tasting

Amongst all the activities we offer at the Lodge today, there is the possibility of attending the new Argentine Wine tasting experience.

Argentine wines have become internationally praised and appreciated. We are very proud of how the wine industry has developed.

Paulo Ariel Abad is an Argentine Chef and sommelier, a graduated from Buenos Aires. In 2006 he traveled to Patagonia to a nearby town called Villa La Angostura. Here he worked and studied the wine business for 8 years at Las Balsas Relais & Chateaux.

Paulo Ariel Abad is an Argentine Chef and sommelier
Paulo Ariel Abad is an Argentine Chef and sommelier

Throughout this period he learned a lot about the traditional Patagonian cuisine. He became very enthusiastic with the natural products obtained in the area, from spices to flowers, fruits, meats, fish, breads and wines…. Always included in his recipes! His aim is to make Patagonia known through dishes and wines fusing different types of cuisines with products from the region.

Advance reservations are highly recommended by way of our Booking Department.

Immerse yourself in this adventure and have a close encounter with part of our Argentine culture.

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