The Estancia

A 50,000 acre estancia in Northern Patagonia, Argentina


Over 100 years in Patagonia

Estancia Cerro de los Pinos was founded in 1909 by the Larminat family, making it one of the first estancias established in Northern Patagonia. Tipiliuke Lodge is at the heart of the estancia.

The property encompasses almost 50,000 acres of varied landscapes at the foot of the Andes where guests enjoy tailored activities, authentic refined cuisine and knowledgeable personalised service.

The Black Bridge (Puente Negro) – Chimehuín River
The Black Bridge (Puente Negro) – Chimehuín River

Tipiliuke is flanked by the Chimehuin and Quilquihue rivers, known worldwide for their magnificent gin clear waters and exceptional trout fishing in Northern Patagonia.

Tipiliuke is a mecca for both fauna and flora in the heart of Patagonia due to its unspoiled and varied habitats and plentiful water supplies. A working cattle ranch, over 4,000 head of cattle call Tipiliuke home on any given day, along with the 50 horses who work them. Just as they were over 100 years ago, cattle on Tipiliuke today are worked by local “gauchos” (Argentinian cowboys), many of whose families have been working the estancia for three generations.

A world class estancia in the heart of the Patagonian lake district

“ We truly enjoy our stay at this beautiful lodge and fishing the Chimehuin.
The staff is exceptional, so warm and helpful in all ways.
Thank you for everything!

Steve and Kathy Elliot ”
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