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Patagonia, being in the southern hemisphere, has opposite seasons to regions in the northern hemisphere.

This means that our spring begins on September 21st running through to December 21st. If you visit us during this period of time, you can expect temperatures ranging from 40-70 °F / 4-21 °C. The days are generally sunny and fresh, with the occasional rain shower.

Moving into summer, the weather becomes warmer and dryer. Winds, cool or cold mornings and nights remain a possibility, but our average summer temperatures range from 68-89 °F / 20-32 °C, with gloriously sunny days.

As of March 21st, the beginning of our fall season, the mornings and evenings get colder and the days get shorter. Rain can be expected in the second half of our fall, and the average temperatures drops back down to around 40-70 °F / 4-21 °C.