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Lanín and Nahuel Huapi National Parks - Northern Patagonia


The ranch is not far from the Lanín (1 hour drive) and Nahuel Huapi National Parks (3 hours drive). Excursions can be arranged from Tipiliuke to visit the splendid local lakes and mountains, including the magnificent inactive Lanín volcano (3776m.) and Huechulafquen lake (Patagonia).
At Lanín National Park (Patagonia) you can visit forests of diverse tree varieties, mainly Fagaceae and conifers such as the lenga and the Araucaria, many species of which are not found anywhere else in Argentina.

“ Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful lodge with us. Everyone has been very welcoming and we enjoyed a hospitality second to none. The landscape is stunning and you helped us enjoy it. Thank you again. ”

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