Photo Workshop

Learn to take the best Patagonian shots


Led by professional photographer Eliseo Miciu, workshops include classes on outdoor shooting and computer editing, and are crafted around participants' experience and particular interests. A Giclee print of each photographer's favourite shot is included.

Eliseo Miciu
Eliseo Miciu

Eliseo was strongly influenced by his father (the painter Georg) and his grandfather, both artists. After travelling in the U.S. and touring in Europe, he decided to focus on fine art photography and settled down in San Martín de los Andes. He has worked with National Geographic on a book about Argentina published in the U.S., and has also worked on editorial productions in Mexico, Brazil and in many areas of Argentina. Eliseo has been honoured with several awards in various contests. Through his pictures, he aims to portray Patagonia's unique atmosphere.

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