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Escorted by Eliseo Miciu professional photographer*, this workshop includes outdoor shootings and computer edition classes. The focus will be determined according to participants´ general level and interests. Some suggested topics are: camera settings, panoramic photography, exposure and histogram, lightning, composition (animals - approaching ways and backgroungs), post production (edition and selections, color adjustment, cropping), as some examples. A Gliclee print with the best shot of each photographer will be delivered.

Eliseo Miciu
Eliseo Miciu

*Eliseo Miciu, devoted professional photographer in Patagonia Argentina

Eliseo received a strong influence from his father (Georg) and his grandfather, both plastic artists. He traveled to U.S. and toured Europe. Later he decided to work on fine art photography and settled down in San Martín de los Andes town. He was hired for National Geographic as an exclusive photographer for a book about Argentina published in U.S. He has also done advertisement editorial productions in Mexico, Brasil and in many areas of Argentina. Eliseo was honoured with several awards in various contests. His pictures reveal the authentic patagonian atmosphere.

“ Thank you so much for an amazig visit full of adventure! The property, the staff, the food, everything was second to none! We look forward to returning for more fly fishing, hunting, riding, cooking, photography... ”
“ Sherry’s Tipiliuke workshops with Eliseo are paying off. She was one of 5 winners in this week's TimeOut New York Magazine and Samsung Photo contest with a photo of a foggy Central Park.  ”

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