Chimehuín river - Northern Patagonia


Chimehuín river rafting can be enjoyed by children over 10 years of age, young people and adults. Along the 10 kilometers of class 2/3 rapids, we will admire the typical Patagonian landscapes, different views of the Lanín volcano (Patagonia), as well as several kinds of birds and fishes. You’ll have the opportunity to swim in big holes and rapids of pure and transparent waters.

You’ll feel the emotion of the funniest south rapids.

During the rafting, we will take a break in a special spot, and we´ll enjoy tea, with coffee, scons or the traditional Argentine 'mate with Facturas'.

Extra clothes and footwear, towel and swimsuit.

Being more than 10 years old, previous experience is not required.

Rafting specific equipment and guides, meals, medical assistance and insurance, Transfer in / out to the river

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